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Home Organizing

Kitchens, bathrooms, garage, basement, attic, outdoor areas, and more!

Organize & Build

We know you are super busy and the clutter just keeps piling up. Book us now to get started tackling your next organizing project. We can do custom carpentry too!

Office Organizing

We can help with your office's organization, decluttering, and moving project.

Experienced & Courteous Staff

We have worked many jobs together and treat your things like our things.

Moving and Hauling Services

We can help with packing and unpacking for a move.

Junk & Donation

Need to donate or get rid of some items? We can come clean it up and haul it away for you.

Custom Cabinetry & Build-Ins

We also offer custom cabinetry, organizing systems and build-ins.

Experienced Builders

We partner with an experienced builder to help make the space fit our client's needs.

Meet the Clutter Boss!

About Us

Most people associate O.C.D. with the medical term, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For Candace those letters are more than the social stigma that is often the punchline of jokes about people that like their peas separate from their carrots. It's a way of living life with structure, discipline, and organization and the passion of a lifelong vision. O.C.D. was born as a means to conquer her own anxiety and a desire to help people make their lives more functional through organizing. Candace spent 17 years working as a logistics manager where she helped develop systems for maintaining inventory and warehousing. Following her entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to leave a corporate position and begin helping people live organized! ‚Äč

O.C.D. offers it's clients much more than organizing and cleaning. We help to determine the cause of clutter, work with our clients to develop a plan to tackle it and keep it contained, and we are available for follow-ups to keep things on track. We also offer custom cabinetry, organizing systems and build-ins. We partner with an experienced builder to help make the space fit our client's needs.

It's Time toGet OCD-ed

Special Custom Made Services Designed especially for your needs.

Whatever your space requires, we are here to help! Our builder has over 30 years experience in woodworking and custom cabinetry. We pride ourselves on making your life clutter and stress free.

Service Areas

  • Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area
  • Fredericksburg, VA Area

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Our CustomersLove Our Results

The ladies were excellent to work with. They arrived on time. They were attentive. They understood exactly what I wanted and worked effectively and efficiently to accomplish the task at hand. I will hire them again because I still have more to do.Nicole E. - 01/08/2017

Candace tackled our basement projects with patience and creativity. She turned a really ugly basement cabinet into a cute entry area. I never would have thought of the solution. She has some great carpentry skills in addition to her organization skills.Karen C. - 10/20/2016

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We can help you finally conquer those problem areas in your home or office that you've been wanting to tackle but just don't have the time, energy, or resources it takes to get started.

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